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Koh Rong,
the Official Website is opened

Your patience is now rewarded. The Royal Group has announced the official web site of Koh Rong.
A great work ! You can discover the logo of Koh Rong, a multicolored bird that looks like a colibri.
The website let you discover the island (description, photos, location...), opportunities for investors and the master plan. Don't miss the video (5'14 min of wonderful moment).
Thank you to Royal Group for this wonderful project!

Below, some images of the website

the official website of the Royal Group

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Koh Rong,
the Asia’s first environmentally planned resort island

What means ecotourism and ecoresort ?

it is a way of tourism that respects the environment (fauna, flora and local communauty). Hosts and visitors should preserve this natural environment.

Owners of resorts set up steps that respect the most possible natural environment : fauna, flora and local communauty. Thus, the materials of construction to waste management are thought to be environmentally friendly. The production of energy is thought to respect the environment.

Koh Rong will be the Asia’s first environmentally planned resort island.
CB Richard Ellis, the world's largest commercial real estate services firm, has been appointed by The Royal Group of Cambodia as exclusive advisor and sole agent to introduce investors in developing the island of Koh Rong.

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The Master Plan of Koh Rong

Millenium Group and its cambodian partner, Royal Group, plan to develop Koh Rong into a luxury resort destination. The island will be developed over 20 + years. The island will be divided in 33 lots (see the map).

Phase 1 :

Phase One will include "two spa resorts, 160 estate villas, a beach club, five restaurants and a lagoon". Each villa and room will have sea view and privacy. In the same time, infrastructure will be built; including an airport in the middle of the island, port, roads, power, water and telecommunications.

For more details, visit the Millennium Group website and read the description of Koh Rong project

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Koh Rong is under construction !

Announced few months ago, the Royal Group chairman Kith Meng confirmed today the beginning of the construction. The first step concern the infrastructure, the electricity and water supply. Already 40 bulldozers have been sent on the island. Kith Meng went to the island with a dozen of investors that are interested to invest on the island. For now, no details are mentionned about the planning. We hope to have more informations soon.

For more information, read the article on The Phnom Penh Post, Kith Meng starts work on island airport

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Videos of Koh Rong

Here are some videos of Koh Rong.

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Save the marine life of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Saloem

Cambodia has a beautiful sea and rich marine life. Coral reefs can be found around the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Saloem. Nowadays, the marine life are threat of destruction because of the high demand, the growth of fishermen, the illegal fishing, the use of explosive and so one. The Sihanoukville Fishing Administration Department and different communities try to create a coral conservation areas for these two islands.

I advise you to look this video.

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The development of Koh Rong starts soon.

The development of Koh Rong island has been planned to start for the middle of 2009. Firstly, $200 millions will be invested in the infrastructure to make road, sea port, electricity, clean water, etc. After that, the next step will be the construction of resort, casino, golf, hospital and an international airport.

Source (VOA) : Koh Rong : developer Has "Dream" Plans for Island

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Koh Rong Island : Paradise found

Koh Rong Island white sand beach
Koh Rong Island is a Cambodian Island in the Gulf of Thailand, at about 20km off the coast of Sihanoukville. Actually, the island is deserted, undeveloped and untouched. It's a secret island. But it will be soon one of the famous touristic destination of Cambodia. The island is certainly the most beautiful island of the Kompong Som Region. A snowdrift bay, covered by a crystal clear and turquoise water, stretches on several kilometers. At the center, a jungle with thousands of coconut palms and waterfalls invade the island. Paradise found on Koh Rong !

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